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How does one become a stylist? What was your journey this far?

I actually stumbled into styling while I was studying fashion design at my university. I was always told I had great personal style, so I styled some projects for a friend and then, it naturally progressed from there. I’m still on my styling journey, it involves a lot of testing and networking.

How important is your team in a photo shoot? Why?

I am a strong believer in teamwork. Nobody can do everything in fashion by themselves, and you’ll need everyone’s expertise. Your team is the essence of your work and it’s extremely important to be selective about who you work with, especially if its unpaid and you’re testing for to build your portfolio. Who you choose to work with will determine the quality of the end result- you want the best possible work to showcase.

Do you prefer collaborating with more experienced photographers or do you prefer working with more up and coming photographers? Why?

It’s good to collaborate and work with both experienced and up & coming photographers – you can learn from both ends of the spectrum. The most important aspect for me is that they have an aesthetic and vision that matches or compliments mine. Don’t work with someone unless you think it will benefit you in some way.

What gives your pleasure in terms of clothes, right now?

I enjoy texture, strong silhouettes, and the juxtaposition of feminine shapes and fabric. I love mixing vintage gems with unique or designer pieces to create a timeless, high-end aesthetic. I’m very much style led – not trend led.

Work-wise, what’s the next step from a stylist?

The next step for me as a stylist is to just keep progressing and hitting bigger goals and achievements. I’d also like to revert back to my design roots soon and start my own brand.

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