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What was your journey to creating such a large social media presence?

I would definitely say being myself and engaging with my followers regularly. I know it sounds cliché, but people can definitely tell when someone is trying to follow what someone else is doing rather than genuinely being themselves. That’s completely different from finding inspiration from other people’s work, but trying to build a following off of someone else’s vibe, so to speak, won’t work because it’s not authentic.

What are some of you key day-to-day activities as an influencer?

Day-to-day activities include posting daily, interacting with my followers (it’s super important to engage with followers otherwise they come and go as opposed to being loyal followers), checking my emails about 10 times a day to make sure I don’t miss any important emails from my agent, and posting to multiple platforms including, Instagram and this new app I’m testing out in it’s beta phase called Lit! You guys should definitely check it out, basically anyone can sign-up and get paid in cryptocurrency for their content + people viewing their content. It’s still relatively knew and there are a lot of features they’re still adding but I really love the entire concept behind it. I also make sure to shoot at least once a week; I have a roster of photographers including friends and acquaintances that I do TFP (trade-for-post) shoots with weekly.

What has been one of your biggest downfalls so far when it comes to social media? And what did you learn from it?

My biggest downfall was posting way too many group photos on my Instagam. A friend of mine that’s an extremely successful model gave me this tip once that completely changed my perspective on social media, she said, it’s YOUR platform, so YOU should be the main feature, not other people. That doesn’t go to say that you can’t post group photos or include your significant other or friends, but there should be a greater ratio of photos/videos featuring you vs. featuring other people. I realized that I started building an organic following pretty quickly once I implemented that ratio while posting daily content.

Give us a few tips or advice in general for creating beautiful, relevant and creative content.

Going back to my first answer I think being yourself is one of the most important parts of creating beautiful and consistent content. One thing I always try to avoid is posting low-quality images on my social media platforms. If all of your images are crisp and clean your page will always look with neat and consistent. Content doesn’t mean posting similar images.

What brands have you worked with so far? What brands would you most love to work with?

I worked with Vogue when I was 6 years old. Since then I’ve worked with multiple brands including Whiff, Elves, multiple make-up brands, and a few clothing companies. Most of my work is with other artists. I filmed a music video a couple weeks ago for Hirsh Music that I absolutely cannot wait to see! I would love to do something that includes runway work, I’ve done runway training but never actually been in a show. New York Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week are an absolute dream, and I’ve wanted to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel since I was 8 so that’s on my goal list!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself doing feature films and regularly walking in fashion week- that’s the goal at least!

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