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How did you get into the business of hairstyling/makeup?

I grew up in a small village with my parents in Limburg where I cultivated a deep appreciation for music, art, movies and dance. My mother is a powerful, strong and elegant woman who gave me an early exposure to the concept of beauty, and soon I found myself teaching Hair + Cosmetics in a beauty school.
After a brief departure from the realm of aesthetics, I set my sights even higher; moving to Paris and having a hand in the creation of glamorous Pret-A-Porter makeup looks. I studied the art of makeup for 2 yrs in Amsterdam, I graduated with Masters in the makeup and in 2012 and I moved to Paris- studying under the incomparable Dick Page, Art Director for Shiseido.
Soon my runway credits poured in, starting with Sonia Rykiel and later Armani, Valentino, Prada, Gaultier, Margiela & many more.
Eventually I moved to New York, to work alongside icons like Pat McGrath + Val Garland. After staying in NYC for 1 year I decided to move back to my home in Antwerp, though longed for the creative energy of the cities I had left.
I am still traveling every 1-2 months between Antwerp – New York – Paris for beauty shoots & runways.

What fascinates you about HMU in the fashion industry?

I love the variety in it. The jobs are so diverse and you keep on meeting new people on every new job. The mixture of professionalism and creativity fascinates me a lot.

Two of your favorite hair & makeup trends that you try to incorporate into your work every season?

Mixing elegance with edginess. Going extreme in H&MU from time to time but different from younger MUAH’s vision of extremity. Finding the balance of a feeling in professionalism & expression.

Your favorite job till date

I don’t have a favorite as I enjoyed all my jobs till date.

Work wise, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I will become the Creative Beauty & Color Director of a worldwide known high-end beauty brand.

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