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Your photo work is so creative and colorful… what inspires you?

I derive a lot of my inspiration from film stills and art. I aim for a cinematic approach for my photography. I think it’s essential to really create a scene rather than just photographing a great outfit on a blank wall. Too often, I see creatives trying to directly rip off images to a T, but that approach will never let them stand out or really make people feel anything. I find doing very in-depth research whether it be via Instagram, Pinterest, or reading magazines, so important in creating your own voice. Recently, I’ve been super inspired by Asian culture and artists. I really feel like they’re pushing the frontiers in photography. Their lens on fashion really has such a documentary and dreamy feel to it.

How important is your team on a photo-shoot? Why? 

I cannot do my job without my team. They take my ideas and bring them to fruition. I love allowing my team some creative flexibility so they can put their flourish on the final product. Having a culmination of ideas and techniques really creates an authentic and cohesive product.

A lot of your stuff is high fashion, highly stylized and editorial, what is your process getting to the final product?

I give my team plenty of time to prep and execute their portions of the projects. Makeup and hair will often take 1-2 hours, styling each look takes at least 15 minutes and I often end up only shooting 10 minutes per look. I’m a huge believer in if you get it right the first time, you don’t have to do it again. In regards to editing, I try to keep editing as natural as possible. The more diligent I am in pre-production the less I have to edit in post.

What brand do you feel is really killing it creatively with photography? 

Simon Jacquemus really knows how to dress and accentuate the modern woman. I love that his clothing is unapologetically French and undeniably sexy. I love that his campaign imagery has such a whimsical energy about it. Orseund Iris are dear friends of mine. They’ve really helped nurture me and help me grow as a creative. Their clothing/imagery is so timeless and feminine, and I love their non-seasonal approach. They only launch products when they feel ready and never compromise on the quality of their items. I find their woman to be incredibly modern and audacious. FAR-NEAR is an amazing book series that intends to broaden the perspective of Asian culture in the current era through showcasing Asian artists. I have had the privilege of working on their first issue. I’m incredibly excited for the editorial to come out since like I feel it’ll pivot my work into a more documentary approach which I’ve been aiming to do for quite some time.

Work-wise, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years, I hope to be signed to a photo agency in NYC and traveling around the world. I hope to keep curating my aesthetic, and becoming more experimental in both my personal and commercial photography.

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