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You’ve worked with big brands, how did you get into the business of hairstyling/makeup? 

I’ve always been interested on the creative side of makeup and hairstyling. I started doing both professionally after taking a class in New York 12 years ago. I realized that I could do what I loved, make it my full time job and be as creative as I wanted, so I decided to work hard and move to NY from Mexico in 2012. Its been a long, but amazing journey that has opened my eyes to new areas and possibilities in the beauty and fashion industry.

What fascinates you about HMU in the fashion industry? 

Working with other creatives has been something that I value the most. The creative process behind runway, editorial or even the commercial look is something I enjoy very much.

Two of your favorite hair & makeup trends that you try to incorporate into your work every season?

For makeup, I love having the skin look natural and fresh looking. It doesn’t matter what season it is, I always try to do my best to prep the skin to beautiful. As for hair, I personally love incorporating braids or textures into the hairstyle.

Your favorite job till date

Hard to pick, but probably a Vogue Mexico photoshoot where I collaborated with other creatives who I also call my friends now. The model was amazing and we all did a great job working as a team, the creative process before, during the shoot and after the shoot was amazing.

Work wise, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hard question. I am currently transitioning from being just an artist working on set and different locations. I am transitioning to a more entrepreneurial side. I’ve always wanted to give back to communities in Mexico, especially women, so I’m working on a project where I can create jobs for women in the beauty and hair industry.
I have always seen myself as an international artist and I would love to create looks and beauty products for various beauty companies.

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